How to Teach Dog Fetch

Can you really teach a dog to fetch?

Can you train something that comes naturally? maybe Residential Dog Training is your concern? Have you ever thrown a ball or stick around a dog? You have probably noticed that this dog took off after that thrown toy, and you probably didn’t have to tell them to fetch it. Of course, once you start this game, you may never be able to stop. This is because for many breeds of dog, the idea of “fetching” is a part of their nature. While it can be tiring, it is great practice for your pet as well as excellent exercise for them.

Training a dog to fetch.

When it comes to the command to fetch, it is less about the actual fetching as it is about what the dog is retrieving. This is an important skill for dogs that are bred for retrieving. Of course, this could also work with certain domestic functions as well. I’m sure you’ve heard stories about a dog that fetches the paper or a pair of slippers. This is honestly not very practical, but of course, it is nice to dream about.

Can you teach a dog to fetch?

In order to actually teach the fetch command, you need to make sure that your dog understands what you are looking to receive. This is different than throwing a ball or stick and telling your dog to fetch it. In this case, you will need to focus on specific reasons that you want your pet to fetch something. Then you need to help them associate the command to fetch with those specific items. If you want your dog to fetch your slippers, then you need to make sure that you have created the right command with the slippers rather than just a pair of shoes. It will take patience and repetition.

Is it time to start teaching your dog to fetch?

Now that you have some ideas on how to teach the fetch command, it is time to start putting together your own ideas on what you want to do moving forward with your training of your dog. Remember to take your time and focus on the specific steps that you want your pet to take with the fetch command. Feel free to play catch, but avoid using the word “fetch” when you play that game so you don’t break the association that you are working on. Go get those slippers and get started.